We apologise for the inconvenience but we no longer produce the esd/anti-static overshoes. The basic product is still available however (Non-ESD)

We have left this page here rather than supply a redundant link


A simple, cost effective product for a solution to grounding and cross contamination problems.

For industries where a clean and static safe environment is important.



Available in four sizes ;

Small (shoe size 4-6)

Medium (shoe size 7-9)

Large (shoe size 10-12)

Extra Large (shoe size 13-15)

Any Size, Any Quantity : 29.50 per pair plus carriage/freight plus VAT


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Did you know?

When wearing Anti-static heel-straps and you stand on the balls of your feet, the path to ground is isolated and heel straps are ineffective. This occurs more often in practice than we realise.

An average assembly/test engineer will use / wear out / lose / damage between 4 and 6 pairs of heel straps each year.

Most heel straps are noticeably uncomfortable to wear.

Do you think? That heel straps are quick and easy to fit?

Have a look And tell us what you think. We appreciate feedback and comments on our products.

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