Sok-Lok ESD Static Dissipative Overshoe

Specification and Further Information.

The Anti-Static versions of the Sok-Lok are designed for use in place of the conventional Heel and/or Toe and Heel straps. They should be used in conjunction with Anti-Static matting (or anti-static/earthed floor) floor as a direct replacement for the Heel strap. They provide an improved level of contact with the mat (or anti-static/earthed floor) as any part of the overshoe in contact with the ground plane will provide the earth path.

Anti-Static Sok-Loks are available in four sizes which, allied to the flexible material, makes them suitable for the vast majority of footwear worn at work. The strap should be worn inside the sock (males) and either next to the skin or in contact with tights (females). This connects the wearer to the main shoe cover, which is conductive. This provides an electrical connection with the mat even when only a portion of the operator’s foot is in contact with the mat.

Anti-Static Sok-Loks provide a visible confirmation that the appropriate ESD precautions are in place. They are ideal for operatives who need to move between workstations, avoiding the need to reconnect a wrist strap, or for operatives for whom wearing a wrist strap is not a practical proposition. They are also particularly suitable for those who require workspace access, visitors, maintenance, supervision etc.

The highly visible Anti-Static Sok-Loks are likely to limit the amount of replacements required as operatives are unlikely to forget to remove them prior to leaving work.

We believe that these are a significant step forward in the fight against losses due to the failure of ESD precautions, which is estimated to cost UK industry some £lOOm pa.



Anti-Static Sok-Lok tested for Protected Areas.

Sok-Loks are now being used in a wide variety of environments, and following customer feedback are under continual development. As a result an Anti-Static version has now been perfected.

Developed for use in Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protected Areas they combine all the advantages of the Standard Sok-Lok but with enhanced safety. The user can continue to wear their own footwear in ESD Protected Areas and still comply with the stringent Grounding Requirements of EN1DD15-1.

This stipulates that the resistance to ground shall be less than 35 Mega Ohms.

The Anti-Static version is available at a price that enables the workplace to be fully equipped for maximum safety at all times. Areas of application include the manufacture of electronic equipment which is sensitive to an electrical discharge, areas where flammable or explosive substances are being handled or manufactured or any other facility where a static spark or discharge could be dangerous.

The Anti-Static Sok-Lok includes an ankle strap to ensure constant conduction at all times.


Sok-Lok, success in Paris.

Sok-Lok scored a hit in March at the "Everclean" exhibition in Paris.

Since its development this innovative product has been sold primarily in the United Kingdom. "With usage developing it was felt that it was the right time to show Sok-Lok to a wider market" said Sales Director Antony Raine. "Paris has a lot of international buyers and distributors. As we have just finished some development work we decided to test the water. The result was excellent with lots of interest being shown by end users and other organisations, both from Europe and the United States."

Antony continued " Sok-Lok already has some contacts in Europe and the Middle East but this will strengthen our selling platform and broaden our customer base, so that we are not so reliant on the European Economy. Different areas of the world have different perspectives on safety and we need to take these on board, providing the best possible product to all our customers, by drawing on their wide experience."


The Shoe with the Halo

Sok-Lok now includes an Anti-Bacterial version in its range, which provides full protection against two of the most common types of Bacterial activity.

Costing little more than the Standard version, Anti-Bacterial Sok-Lok produces a beneficial Halo effect around the wearers feet. There is complete suppression of growth of Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 (S.aureus) for l4mm and Escherichia coli NCTC 8196 (E.coli) for 11.5mm around Sok-Lok. As the wearers shoes will also be in contact with Sok-Lok, they also benefit from this Halo. In the food manufacturing industry standards of hygiene are constantly being upgraded. With Anti-Bacterial Sok-Loks, the work area not only benefits from the addition of a secure barrier, but also from the active anti-bacterial properties of this new concept in contamination control.


First Impressions Count

A major Satellite Dish supplier and installer is equipping its site engineers with Sok-Loks as part of their corporate uniform. The engineer's kit includes two pairs of Sok-Loks, for use inside customer's houses. This saves the risk of damaging customers carpets or floors when carrying out internal work, avoiding expensive claims for cleaning, whilst at the same time enhancing the company's image. Sok-Loks are available in a variety of corporate colours provided orders of at least 5,000 pairs are placed. "This use of Sok-Lok is in line with its original concept." said designer/director Clive Taylor "It enables any service or installation team to visit private houses, wearing footwear suitable for tough external work. Sok-Lok then protects the home from contamination. Sok-Lok has now developed into a general industrial product, with Anti-Static and AntiBacterial versions."