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MGK Rack-Pallets

MGK Rack-Pallets: Portable space saving storage

Portable racking

  A commonly used solution is to fill a warehouse with bay after bay of pallet racking. However, this results in a high volume capacity at the expense of low flexibility. Moving your product can become a multi-stage procedure, possibly requiring additional handling equipment and labour. The ideal arrangement would be to move the product in a single operation from storage area to point-of-use. MGK Rack-Pallets allow you to do this with ease.
Easily erected and demounted

Flexible stacking pallets

  Storing large volume materials effectively is a major problem when you do not use the right system. Bulky building materials will take up valuable floor area in your stores, area which could otherwise be put to good use. Through careful design we have created a system to tackle this particular problem head-on.  
Pallets demount neatly, reducing storage space

Stackable & Demountable

  A large variety of storage possibilities are available when you use MGK Rack-Pallets. Fully-assembled they are easily stacked together to give high volume storage in the minimum of floor space. When not in use they demount down quickly for easy storage until they are needed again. You can cater for changes in demand smoothly and with the minimum of disruption to other activities.

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Pallets are easily demounted and rebuilt
    This system is ideally suited for materials such as lightweight insulation in roll form. The large volume which such products occupy, together with their unusual shape make this the ideal storage solution. Any material which has an awkward shape can be accommodated without the need of a different storage method for each one.


  All major components are built from all welded RHS steel sections. Side and back panels are then mounted onto the base frame stub posts, forming a robust framework with which to store your product. Completed pallets are stackable up to three in height and have capacities of 300-1000kg..

For other products, or to suit your own special needs, we can manufacture to any reasonable size and specification.



    Reusable containers will save money which would otherwise be spent on disposable packaging material. They will also reduce your liability for landfil tax. If you need to transport materials from site to site then Rack-Pallets can streamline your transport system considerably. Fully loaded pallets can be demounted and returned empty without taking up valuable cargo space. This allows greater opportunity for increased throughput of goods without additional packaging.

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