MGK Semiconductor Quartz Diffusion Tube Storage

MGK Quartz diffusion tube storage system : Flexibility by design

Flexible handling solutions

    In the semiconductor industry you know just how difficult it can be to find the right storage system for materials and product. We have designed a scheme which solves many of the major problems associated with the handling and storage of awkward shaped products, in particular, quartz diffusion tubes.

By combining the versatility of our hygenic modular shelving with our specialist fabrication knowledge we have produced a safe, easy and economical solution.



    Through careful design of the support locations the system caters for a wide range of tube size diameter. There is no need to allocate product to specific locations, each position can accommodate all sizes without adjustment or additional movement.

Shelf levels are easily adjusted to provide optimum storage capacity in limited floor areas. For the storage of particularly long elements the individual racks are simply joined together, forming a fully modular arrangement


Movement & Protection

  Using a high quality antistatic roller with smooth movement we can minimise physical damage whilst maintaining ESD protection. A continuous path is maintained from the stored tubes, through antistatic rollers to the frame, then right down to the floor. Not only does this provide Electrostatic Discharge Protection to your sensitive product but also delivers smooth loading and unloading action.  
Store any diameter in any location

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Store sensitive products safely and effectively

Cost effectiveness

    Reducing costs wherever possible makes perfect sense in any business. Simply buying something off-the-shelf may seem like an economical solution, but in the long run it may cost you more. We approach storage problems such as these with cost-effectiveness as a priority.

With thoughtful design we can achieve the perfect balance between volume storage and floor area. By freeing-up valuable production area this storage system will make a considerable difference to any manufacturing business.


Designed & Installed

  Our system has been carefully designed to accommodate a wide variety of tube diameters and lengths. Whatever your requirements, we will recommend the best solution, developing a scheme to suit if neccessary. When the time comes to construct your racks we will do so using our own skilled installation teams, ensuring build quality and reliability.  
Easily loaded and unloaded
Antistatic rollers for ESD protection

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