A new addition to our range for 1999.

It's simple, straightforward, inexpensive and solves the problem of damage to pallet racking uprights.

Extensive trials with major high street retail food chains have shown an unbeatable level of performance, providing the ideal solution for all warehouse operators.

Most if not all racking installations have the same problem, daily warehouse traffic, moving pallets in and out causing structural damage to racking uprights, this rack protector can solve the problem.


Light and easy to handle

Simple to install, 2 to 3 mins

No drilling or bolting

No costly maintenance

Fitting could not be easier, the rack protector fits directly onto the upright and even if serious damage occurs all you do is replace the rack protector "NOT THE UPRIGHT"

As the rack protector is more slender in the storage bay than the traditional steel floor-fixed guard, it means that less of the "clear entry space" is taken up.

Protect your investment

Protect your budgets

Protect your racking

The rack protector will fit onto any racking system that you have in your warehouse and is available in a variety of heights to meet your individual requirements.

To install your rack protector simply slip the buffer over the post, position as required and slide the outer case into place, secure with the cable ties supplied, pulling tight to give a snug fit. No drilling, No bolts. Less than a minute to fit.

Simply it is a protector for your upright racking. Like a bumper it is designed to absorb the impacts that would normally result in damage to the uprights and therefore costly repairs.

  • 1. Tough rigid outer - Deflects blows and spreads the impact.

    The tough rigid outer is manufactured to the highest specification. This tough outer skin takes the initial blow. It bends and deflects with the impact and distributes the blow over a wider area. This significantly removes the possibility of post damage.

    2. Low Density buffer - Absorbs minor impacts realigning the guard.

    The inner low density buffer is soft and flexible, It is formed exactly to the shape of the upright. This buffer reacts quickly and effectively under even the smallest impact. Simply, the protector shifts its position when nudged by a mis-aimed pallet or truck. When the pressure is released the buffer expands, realigning the guard.

    3. High density buffer - Absorbs major impacts and diffuses the blow.

    The middle high density buffer is designed to absorb energy and distribute it evenly through the guard. Being of high density, compression occurs at a much slower rate. The impact is diffused and spread throughout the guard.

  • Technical specification

    patent applied for : No.930 1630.4

  • Tough rigid outer:

    1) High density Polyethylene.

    2) Can operate between -4O~C to 8O~C.

    3) Resistant to chemical and environmental damage.

    Two part (high & low density) inner:

    1) Closed Cell Expanded Polyethylene.

    2) Resistant to liquid absorption.

    3) Fire Resistant to BS.4735. ISO.3582 & FMVSS3O2.

    4) Can operate between -4O~C to 8O~C. - Suitable for cold store use.

  • Ordering Information

    When ordering, please indicate, colour, length and profile required.

    (example:- L375-OO-09 = Luminescent white, 375mm, Apex)

    Standard Lengths: 375mm, 5OOmm, Standard 750mm, or client specified height. (N.B. sizes: 7OOmm, 350mm, REDIRACK ONLY)

    Ref : Rack Type Manufacture

    -00-01: DEXION PROFILE

    -00-02 : DEXION (DEEP STORE)

    -00-03 : LINK51

    -00-04 : REDIRACK 1.7 and 2.5 SD

    -00-04 : REDIRACK 2.5 Sacrificial leg

    -00-05 : ESMINA 74

    -00-06 : HI-LO

    -00-07 : REDIRACK 200/250/300 HD

    -00-07 : REDIRACK HD sacrificial leg


    -00-09 : APEX 8/12116120


    Outer finishes:

    Y - Standard Safety Yellow. F - Hi-Glow Fluorescent Yellow. L - Luminescent White

    For any racking system not mentioned above, or any special requirements

    that you may have please call our sales office.


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