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SMT / IC Reel Racks.

MGK Reel Racks: Flexibility and versatility

Flexible handling solutions

    We combine the flexibility of individual product locations with the versatility of modular shelving to make the best reel storage system available. The entire arrangement is available in a range of sizes, is adjustable in height and has full ESD specification. No matter how limited your storage space, we will build the right rack for the job.  

Product movement

    Each location comprises a single hanger which incorporates identification labels on both ends allowing total product recognition. This permits product movement from either side of the rack, allowing Just-In-Time flow and separate stock in-stock out movement. Also, at all times the identification remains with the hanger until a new product is introduced. The hangers themselves are easily removed and inserted into position in the rack. Once in place they can be moved individually, allowing quick insertion of any new stock with the minimum of repositioning.  


  Both the rack frame components and the individual hangers are manufactured from bright zinc chromate polished steel. The entire system is easily fitted with antistatic castors to allow complete freedom of movement within the workspace. The hangers have been designed to accommodate standard reel diameters of 7, 13 and 15 inches, with an internal width to suit a range of sizes.  
Reels are easy to load and relocate

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Surface Mount Reels are easily identified and picked from either side

Designed for you

    Whether you need to store thousands of items of a single type or a small number of components of various sizes this system is designed for any situation. The hangers can be made to suit any reel width or diameter and the racks themselves are modular and adjustable. There is no need to change your entire storage system when you introduce a new product, simply adjust the rack and re-label the hangers.  
Can be cupboard mounted for security


  Individual racks can be joined together, sharing common posts, to form a series of bays which can maintain total storage volume whilst reducing floor area. A variety of antistatic castors will provide the ideal mobile system, further increasing your storage and handling flexibility.

By fitting cladding to the racks and lockable double doors a standard rack is transformed into a secure unit for product protection. Alternatively, we can install racks within a security cupboard, giving even more options.


Cupboard door options:
Standard sliding
Sliding hinge
External swing
Internal swing
Horizontal tambour
ESD Protection

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