MGK Transit Containers

MGK Transit Containers: Secure goods storage & movement


    Every company experiences growth and change, particularly in the electronics industry where new products are introduced with increasing regularity. MGK Transit Containers offer a range of storage solutions in a single system. When a product changes, or you need to move different materials or components, there is no need to look for another design. Using our adjustable internal angle system you can easily alter the layout of your transit container to accommodate the new material.  
Adjustable pull-out shelves give 100% accessibility
Adjustable support angles are ideal for tote boxes

Integrated design

  At MGK we look carefully at our clients requirements and work with them to provide the best solution. We have an experienced staff of design engineers and technical advisers to help with any aspect of your materials handling needs. The MGK Transit Container is a good example of our integrated design style  

The flexible solution

  You need to transport sensitive or fragile goods securely, but you also need to do away with wasteful packaging. You want to be sure that your components arrive safely and in one piece, and that the same can be said of your finished product. With custom designed MGK Transit Containers you can do all this with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your products are being carried safely and securely.  
Designed & engineered for high performance and flexibility

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A neat idea

A clean, tidy piece of materials handling equipment.
    Wouldn't you like to see an end to untidy packaging in the factory? No more cardboard, bubblewrap or stretchwrap making the workplace look messy. You could have something which compliments your factory, adding quality to an area which is often criticised for its appearance.

A high quality epoxy powder coated finish, together with good detailing ensures that our containers stay clean and tidy. When compared to piles of cardboard boxes stretchwrapped onto wooden pallets you can see what a difference they can make. Indeed, they look more like a piece of equipment than packaging.

Semi-mobile: No need for a hand pallet truck

Save time and money

  With the growing importance of reducing waste materials it makes perfect sense to try to do away with packaging altogether. MGK Transit Containers incorporate a range of semi-permanent packaging solutions to reduce handling and eliminate waste.

The incorporation of a tug-lift handle means that hand pallet trucks are not required. The container is semi-mobile, remaining stationary when not in use whilst being highly manoeuverable when required, simply attach the tug lift and away you go.

The angle supports can be adjusted to carry a variety of tote boxes which can incorporate foam inserts to protect components.


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