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IC Racks



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Company History and Profile

  (pic7) Flexitrans™ (transit cases)


  We are an established but progressive firm of Industrial Engineers specialising in the manufacture of steel fabrications, material handling, storage equipment systems and partitions based in West Calder near Livingston

The directors and technical sales team have a vast range of technical experience including project design and layout of manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, educational establishments, general industrial, distribution and warehousing buildings.

  • The foundation of the company dates back to 1968 when MGK Engineering Ltd set up in Linlithgow as a steelwork fabricator specialising in Pallets and Stillages to service the automotive industry. In 1975, a purpose built facility was erected in West Calder. A management buyout was effected in October 1996 and the present team is now taking the company forward into the new millenium. The company now owns the West Calder site which presently occupies more than 30,000 sq.ft.
  • MGK has maintained its core business and position as Scotland's largest pallet manufacturer and now displays an increased product range which includes workbenches, trolleys, special welded steel fabrications, steel pallets and stillages. The company manufactures specifications from industrial and electronics to clean room.
  In keeping with the changing requirements of local businesses the company has developed a catalogue sales strategy with a professional interest in factory fit-outs and interior contracting. The company will accept instructions ranging from the total design and build of offices, laboratories and warehouse racking systems right down to the simple installation of a few bays of shelving.
  • The company is keen to promote itself primarily as a manufacturing organisation but with major achievements in the service sector, the business is set to achieve substantial growth in both areas.
  • The company has been an active member of SHEDA (Storage Handling Equipment Distributors Assoc.) since 1989.
  • The company is also a member of FSB (Federation of Small Businesses). We place Health & Safety awareness as a high priority and are working towards ISO9000 accreditation.

Steelwork Fabrications

    From a simple stillage to a specific design and build storage unit, MGK is proud of a wealth of experience together with a broad knowledge gained over the years to apply to all steel fabrications for materials handling and storage applications. A standard range of pallets and stillages is available in a wide variety of capacities while at the same time we offer a comprehensive design service for those goods requiring a bit more thought and attention. Our team of designers and sales engineers will consult with clients, then produce quotations based on these requirements. Before we commence manufacture you will receive comprehensive design drawings showing exactly what we shall build. (pic15)(pic16)  
  (pic8) Specialised WIP trolleys (weightless flip-up shelves)  
    Experience has helped us develop a number of products which solve universal handling and storage problems. One of these items is the "SuperBurro" self-emptying waste container/handler. It resembles a standard steel box stillage but incorporates a patented base design which allows the base to open when the it is placed over a skip. A mechanism releases the base panel, allowing it to hinge back, releasing the contents of the stillage into the skip without any special fork attachments or chains or having the forklift operator leaving the vehicle. For further information please call our sales office. "SuperBurro"  

(pic9) Analyser and Test Workstation






(pic12)Wire tote-trolley




  (pic13) Partitions and ceilings systems  
  When it comes to interiors we offer the most comprehensive service possible, including design, technical drawing and specification. Our expertise covers partitioning systems, suspended ceilings and mezzanine floors with full project planning. (pic11)(pic13)

Our product range includes the Clips range of relocatable partitions, which offer superb quality, value and flexibility in office layouts. When you need to re-arrange the layout, it can be moved and expanded to suit. Our range of suspended ceilings is the perfect compliment to any partitions system and allows us to offer a complete project package for interior contracting.

Single and Double Skin steel partitions, including mesh, glazed and solid elevations are also available, including double lift applications.

  When you need to outfit a distribution warehouse or even if you just want to increase your existing storage capacity we can offer the same design and quotation service. Whether it is pallet racking or shelving, we have a wide range of products to suit your requirements: Longspan shelving, Boltless shelving, Boltless Pallet Racking, Industrial Racking, Mobile Storage systems, Small Parts Storage and Plastic Bins


    An extensive range of wall-coverings allows further flexibility of the working environment through the variety of patterns, textures and colours.

Our skilled installation teams have a wealth of experience and will ensure that any project is completed safely and to schedule. We include a risk assessment as part of our pre-project review and all matters of health and safety are strictly adhered to and detailed in our comprehensive policy statement.


Handling & Storage Specialists

  At MGK we belive that our clients should get what they want, without compromise. Why settle for an off-the-shelf solution which does not fulfil your needs completely? Our design philosophy of "If it can be drawn, we can build it" results in the right goods for the right job every time. (pic3)(pic6)(pic8)(pic9)(pic16)

Workbenches, trolleys, racks, stands, cupboards and dollys are just a small selection from our extensive steel fabrication product range. (pic9)(pic14)

  (pic14) ESD Workbenches for the electronics and semiconductor industries


    ESD Environments are a particular speciality at MGK. We offer a broad range of products including: Workbenches, storage equipment, trolleys, racks, conductive picking bins, seating, personnel accessories and matting. (pic14)(pic17)    
  Versatility and flexibility are two of our watchwords. By offering flexible storage systems, such as a simple trolley but with an element of adjustability incorporated therein, we bring added value to our clients' businesses. We manufacture kitting trolleys with adjustable support angles which allow a wide range of goods to be transported using a single solution. This has proved particularly invaluable within industries where the product changes regularly. It effectively removes any need to change your materials handling system when you move on to a new product. Just ask for "Flexi-Rack" and "Flexi-Rack Trolleys" (pic5)  
  The secure transportation of fragile or sensitive goods has been a constant headache for many of our customers. We have overcome these problems by developing customised flexible transit containers. Incorporating adjustable storage levels, slide-out shelves, protective cladding and good manoeuverability, this system has proven a winner in computer assembly, ceramics and chemicals industries. Also our products are reusable, returnable and 100% recyclable which is good news for the environment. For more information give us a call. Ask about "Flexi-Trans" (pic4)(pic7)(pic10)  
  (pic15)Collapsible Stillage   (pic16) Bespoke Pallet   (pic17)ESD Trolley  

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Contact us: email:sales@mgk

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