Health & Safety when handling waste.

Reducing the strain on manual handling operatives is a sure-fire way to improve productivity. It is a well known fact that a considerable proportion of all sick-leave payments are a consequence of work-related injury. This can spell disaster for the efficiency of your business.

The range of SuperBurro TM self-dumping containers will provide a safer and more efficient means to collect and transport your waste. They are the result of our own desire to do away with chains and similar fixings whilst keeping the fork truck driver in the safety of his cab at all times.

When it comes to the release of the material from the container, this is directly controlled by the driver as the forks are lifted up. During the discharge phase the base is positively located on the skip, reducing any forward movement of the container.

Superburro relieves the burden on your operatives, allowing improvements in transport cycle times and productivity. Together with greatly reduced sick leave, this adds up to a vast improvement for any business.


Superburro standard 1 cu.m  

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