The Burro

Fed up with fiddly fork attachments?

Up to your oxters in swarf?

Up to your nuts in nasty?

Up to your scrote in scrap?

You want CONTROL, you want SAFETY...

You need the BURRO!

Our sliding bottom waste container might be just the thing you need


Patent No : 2257120


Sequence of operation :


1. Driver positions Burro so that push arm on base touches edge of skip. As fork truck is driven forwards, base of Burro slides back.


2. Base locks in fully open position. Contents automatically discharge into skip. Burro can be raised or lowered to further agitate contents.


3. Empty Burro is lowered to ground level where base panel closes automatically.


4. Burro is ready for another load. There are no chains or other fixings to remove.


Then again, you might have a very special application. This one's a whopper Big waste bin container from a different angle

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