MOBI PLATFORM 2000 - refer to Mobilon

The MOBI-PLATFORM 2000 is an operator-propelled platform, designed for the aerospace industry, but applicable to any industry involving the maintenance and installation of overhead equipment.


Operator propelled


Maintenance staff can safely reach a working height of 4m using the new Mobi-Platform 2000, an operator propelled mobile work tower.

Propelled in any direction with ease by an operator using hand and foot controls, the tower can be locked into place, providing a stable work platform.

The demountable tower has a working area of 1500mm by 700mm, features two work levels and has a maximum capacity of 400kg, allowing two people to work simultaneously.

It can be erected or dismantled in less than 10 minutes, requires little storage space and can be transported by van or on a roof rack thanks to its strong, light aluminium tabular construction.

There are three models in the MP2000 range. The MP812 with a 3.2m work height and weight of 82kg. The MP1115 with a 3.5m working height and a weight of 87kg and the MP1519 that allows operators to work at up to 4m and has a weight of 96kg.


Photograph : aerospace industry application



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