For small goods handling in a flexible environment

Vacuum or mechanical gripping tools for all purposes.

Lifting capacity : 50kg

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Technical Data

- telescopic adjustable column for lifting heights between 1.760mm to 2.735mm. (increments of 100mm)

- total height min. 2050mm, max. 3030mm

- slewing arm with elbow joint. All slewing joints on ball bearings

- built on a circular foundation with an adapter enabling the unit to be picked up and moved with a manual standard pallet truck or similar

- weight app. 353kg (excl. gripping tool)

- sound level 71dB (A) / 69 dB (B)

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- for use with mechanical gripping tools or high capacity vaccum gripping tools. Maximum load 50kg

- vacuum is generated by a pneumatic vacuum pump (vacuum ejector) with high flow capacity

- the lifting action is generated by an electric motor, 24 V DC

- batteries and battery charger are on-board and standard

- a compressed air connection is needed to power the vacuum ejector. 300-600 l/m @ 6 bar (11-21 cfm @ 87 psi)

- lifting and lowering speeds are adjustable

- extensive safety functions are integrated

- gripping tools can be modified for customer specific handling applications

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High level of safety

AVSG - Accidental vacuum shut-off guard

VMS Vacuum-Monitoring-System to secure the gripping force

.Anti-tilt design to prevent the lift from tipping over

Pallet Truck Relocation

The mechanically powered unit has a 24V Battery with built in charger. It is easily moved with a pallet truck. It has a variable lifting/lowering speed.

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